FilmMyMatch supports RFU study on youth rugby injuries


Since September we’ve been working with the University of Bath, filming U18 and U15 rugby fixtures at 6 independent schools. Our task was to provide the University with the highest quality of footage to be used for examining specific events and characterising play within youth rugby.

High quality footage is paramount to the study’s success, as this allows Bath’s analysts to gain key insights into understanding differences in the game’s demands at different age groups, and how injuries are sustained and managed at these stages. This is an area of interest in the broader rugby context, as the study has been commissioned by the RFU who are keen to learn more about and mitigate the risk of injury for players at all levels.

Matt Hancock, PhD student on the study and leading the analysis, has been pleased with what he’s seen so far, “It’s been great getting to know FilmMyMatch over the last six months. They’ve made the process very easy for us with the management and delivery of the filming aspect of the study. It’s important for us to get high quality footage and we’re really pleased with amount of rugby we’ve been able to capture this term.”

The versatility of our service proved an important factor in the delivery of the filming. Matt continues, “The access to the company’s HI-POD camera systems has been brilliant as it provides an elevated perspective of the game that makes analysis of the footage so much easier. Furthermore, FilmMyMatch’s network of operatives across the UK has allowed us to capture a high volume of games across the South East, South West and Midlands.” 


Working in tandem with six key schools across the UK, we’ve captured over 80 games this term alone. All schools also receive this footage to further their performance and development on the pitch, whilst providing The University of Bath with valuable data.

This partnership is set to advance in 2019, as we’re pleased to say we’ll partner the University of Bath team at the prestigious Rosslyn Park 7’s tournament in March. We will provide multiple cameras to capture footage of games, following the key schools as they advance through the tournament over the course of the week. This additional 7s partnership feeds in to characterising the game of youth 7s rugby and its injuries for the first time, all of which encourage player safety and expanding what’s known in the area of this groundbreaking study!