In Focus... Live Streaming

Live Streaming: what’s all the fuss about?!

We hear what the experts think...

There’s a real buzz around live streaming at the moment. Online viewing platforms are now the norm with Netflix, Amazon and Now TV a staple in many homes, and the majority of the population having a TV in their pocket!

Earlier this month, we attended an event hosted by Digital Sport in Manchester, where a panel of leading industry experts debated the current landscape, and potential trends, of live streaming (or OTT).

All agreed that the live streaming of sport is still in its infancy, and that there are many challenges to overcome before it challenges traditional broadcasting models for supremacy (not least cost, quality, and a viable commercial model). However, there appears to be in insatiable demand for live sport, and as the price of technology continues to fall there will be more and more opportunities for grassroots to sport to increase reach and engagement with local, national and (potentially) global audiences.

“We streamed a rugby league game with one camera, it was pissing down with rain and the camera operator had to keep wiping the lens! But you know what? People loved it!” Mark Foster, Rugby Football League.

Elite level technology at grassroots prices

Here at FilmMyMatch, we’re passionate about making elite level technology available to grassroots sport, and we believe that live streaming has the potential to have a massive impact at all levels.  

Since December 2017, we have therefore been trialling new technology that enables us to broadcast our footage live without the need for an internet/wifi connection (which is often unreliable). These trials have seen us work with a range of organisations to provide live streams via Facebook and YouTube, with phenomenally high levels of reach and engagement (with reach of up to 157,000!). Links to some examples of these streams are provided below:

England Boxing:

Scottish Netball:

English Lacrosse:

AFC Bingley:

Hendon Town FC:


The future

We believe that live streaming presents a unique opportunity for grassroots teams/clubs and minority sports to engage with fans in a way that has never been possible before. Perhaps even more excitingly, though, it also opens up opportunities to tap into commercial revenues by making them a more attractive marketing proposition to local, or even national, businesses who can inject much needed capital to help them thrive in the long-term.

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