Our innovative combination of multiple elevated camera positions and post-match editing and analysis services adds a unique twist to any event.


Over the last 3 years, we have worked with some of the biggest youth and amateur football tournaments in the UK, including:

  • Warrior Keele Cup
  • ACES National Tournament
  • Precision Pass Stadium Tournaments
  • BJFF Annual Summer Tournament
  • Club Futsal UK

Using multiple elevated camera positions and offering a range of packages for all budgets, our team of professional operatives and analysts provides teams with the ultimate souvenir of their tournament experience.


At the elite level, we have provided filming and analysis services for organisations such as:

  • GB7s National Event Series
  • Football League Assessment Trials
  • Beeston Hockey Club (England Hockey Men’s Premier League)

Services include:

  • access to multiple HI-POD camera systems
  • live coding and analysis
  • post match editing and analysis.


We work with some of the foremost Academies and US Scholarship companies in the UK, who provide opportunities for talented athletes across a range of sports to secure scholarships to US colleges/universities.

Services include:

  • Elevated, high quality footage of Trial Days and Assessment Events at any facility using our 30ft HI-POD camera system (meaning there is no need for a gantry or scaffold).
  • Post match editing of footage to provide individual player clips within 7-10 days (depending on the number of players required).
  • Enhanced, personalised Digital CV packages including: player profile, grouped touches (e.g. passes, shots, tackles), individual choice of music.
  • Transfer of footage at the event (if required)


"FilmMyMatch offer a unique film service to sports clubs and are the most innovative company of its type, offering not only a valuable coaching tool but also a great personal memento of one’s own special occasion. We have found them to be the best and most cost effective match video company in the business, producing top quality film, professionally presented at unbelievably great value. We offer their services to all of our visiting teams and have formed a successful partnership over the last 3 years."

David Shepherd, Tournament Chairman, The Keele Cup

"The quality of video, together with the accessible cloud storage solution, proved to be a sound investment for the GB7s National Events series with several players making genuine strides in their international careers on the back of it. I have absolute confidence in recommending FilmMyMatch to anyone who is serious about sport."

Dickie Jeavons-Fellows, Competition Director, GB7s